A large walking suit of armour, vaguely canine shaped and covered in chains that seem to be literally melting off it at all times. Very strong and capable of creating lava. Little is known of its purpose, origins and motivations, but it has been seen around the school and has even occasioned into the building a few times.


The past of this creature is currently unknown.

The figure has made several appearances: a possible mention of it by the Blue-Haired Boy, a mysterious entrance to the school where it burst into the office of Mr Powys and appeared to steal a filing cabinet and finally an encounter with the so called ‘Science Wizards’ which ended in a stand-off, where the figure left the children alive but damaged. The reason for this still unknown.

The figure has also been seen in various areas around the borough after dark, mostly around the old industrial district.

Current Status: Under Observation (From a distance, after the incident last month – Famine)


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