Kenneth Powys

Mr. Powys, the ex-head of detention, now in therapy


Tall, dark-haired and slightly stocky, Mr. Powys once stood as a looming figure of authority in the school, being in charge of discipline and detention for the Junior years. Recently his status has fallen into disrepute after a string of incidents involving alcoholism and possibly even attempted use of magic. Something of a figure of gossip around the school


Kenneth Powys became a teacher at 24 and his career continued strongly. He moved from teaching history at Hughes Grammar to becoming head of department and then assistant head, when the Educational Facility was built he was granted the position of assistant head in charge of discipline due to the respect he commanded from the students and faculty both. At 38 now he has recently fallen into a series of mishaps, after he was found passed out in a locker surround by alcohol bottles. Recently he was found in mysterious circumstances in his office and is currently in teacher observation to ensure he is fit to teach students. (Possible Black Library usage for those ‘mysterious circumstances’? – W)

Kenneth Powys

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