Mr Winston-Price

In his casual blue suit, Mr Winston-Price has a kindly face that hides a commanding authority.


Mr Winston-Price is a short but distinguished looking man with a kind attitude. However he has a stern side, able to deal with the unruly children of Ulysses better than any headteacher before him. Currently he always seems flustered, having to deal with trying to always outmanouevre Mr Glasscock in endless press conferences.


Samuel Winston-Price was reknowned for being the longest serving headteacher at Ulysses Academy, lasting 6 years. He saw the combined schools as a fantastic opportunity to merge the strong discipline and academic success of Hughes Grammar with the diversity and creativity of his own school, but was dismayed to find out that he had to compete with Mr Glasscock, whom he assumed was retiring. Now most of his energy goes into ensuring he is the head who will stay on, in order to implement his ideas for the benefit of the school.

Mr Winston-Price

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