About the location:
The Hugh-Ulysses-Grunnings Educational Facility & Unity Project is an ongoing construction, which bridges two existing schools with a variety of new buildings to create an enormous complex. One one side is the old site of Hughes Grammar, with the Ulysses Academy making up the other. Between them is a whole series of buildings, most of which are still under construction. The whole site is rather chaotic and disorganised, as the two schools mean their are two sets of labs, gyms, canteens, et cetera. Some of these have been closed off, such as Hughes cafeteria, with the expectation that the other school’s facilities could handle an increased user load. Other facilities have been closed for construction work, or have not even been built yet, as unexpected structural damage to the school has occupied much of the builders’ resources.

Grunnings incorporated have provided many resources for the school – largely in the form of investment in technology, but more importantly in anything big and shiny enough to have a press release to open. Mundane things such as working timetabling systems, or facilities that support the number of students are ignored in favour of new computer labs, school-wide television channels and the Sky-Way Aerial Gondola, which runs all the way down the middle of the Facility. Needless to say, none of these resources are working as intended, but they do provide a good excuse to get some TV cameras in.

Organisationally, the school is a mess – the janitors are on strike, the two headteachers are constantly one-upping each other in pettiness, many of the rooms are out of service, the timetabling system is busted – sending students from one end of the school to another for back to back classes, putting teachers and students in separate rooms, not scheduling some classes, you get the drift – the students hate the other school they’ve just been merged with, which is nothing compared to what the faculty feel. Overall, not great place for learning.

There are a number of sub-locations within the Educational Facility. These include:
Tunnels into the Depths
The Slumbering Halls of the Knights Librarum
The Coincidence Machine
The Roof
Hidden Surveillance Room


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